Time To Glow


  • 1-QQ: Is indoor tanning the same as tanning outside in the sun? 
  • 1-AA: Tanning is natural, and it works the same whether you tan outdoors or in a salon. The advantage of using sunbeds is having complete operator control over the intensity and duration of a session, which results in a minimal risk of an uneven tan or sunburn. When it comes to UV light, both summer sunlight and most sunbeds produce pretty much the same kind and mix of sunlight: about 95% UVA, and 5% UVB. The difference is that most sunbeds are 2-4 times more intense than summer sunlight. That’s the reason you only stay in a sunbed a few minutes.

  • 2-QQ: Why should I use a lotion in a tanning bed?
  • 2-AA: You need more than UV light to achieve a beautiful and long lasting suntan. Exposure to UV light whether indoors or outside is a stress factor for your skin and can leave you with a drying effect. Professional grade indoor tanning products play an important role in the indoor tanning process by: preparing your skin for indoor tanning, helping to allow greater UV penetration, getting you a faster, darker, beautiful tan, and moisturizing skin for a longer lasting tan. Nutrients and Antioxidants also help counteract the stress to your skin. We will help you determine the best indoor tanning regimen to get you the look you want. Determining exposure schedules, rotating equipment, and getting you the right skincare products are all part of getting you the best tan possible.
  • 3-QQ: What’s’ the deal with Vitamin D?


  • 3-AA: Vitamin D is known as “The Sunshine Vitamin” because exposing our skin to the sun is the most abundant source of Vitamin D production. One typical non-burning session can produce as much Vitamin D as 100 glasses of milk. You do not need to produce a tan to produce Vitamin D. Just like sunlight, tanning beds emit enough UVB light to trigger natural Vitamin D production in your skin. Although indoor tanning is a cosmetic service, indoor tanners have Vitamin D levels about 90 percent higher than the general population.

  • 4-QQ: Can I tan if I’m pregnant?


  • 4-AA: UV light does not travel beyond the top layers of the skin, but the main concern about tanning while pregnant is the potential of becoming overheated or experiencing physical strain. That’s why we recommended you check with your physician. We will further explain our policy on tanning while pregnant as well.


  • 5-QQ: Why do I have to wear eyewear? And why should I use an SPF lip balm while I tan?
  • 5-AA: Your eyelids are too thin to protect your eyes from UV light. That’s why federal law requires the use of professional eyewear made specifically for indoor tanning. It is your responsibility to wear it. Make sure the eyewear fits your eyes snuggly and that no light leaks through. We offer different choices for eyewear so that you can pick the perfect pair for your eyes. Lip balm should be applied to your lips to protect them from UV light as they do not tan.
  • 6-QQ: How do I prevent sunburn?

  • 6-AA: Sunburn is completely different from a tan. The red color is increased blood flow, sent to the skin to help your body repair the damage done from overexposure. A smart tan naturally enhances protection against sunburn. Melanin literally enshrouds skin cells protecting them from getting too much UV exposure. Additionally, as the skin tans the outer layer thickens, which also is natures design to make skin naturally more resistant to sunburn. As most tanners know, a suntan multiples the effectiveness of sunscreen in outdoor sunburn prevention. For example, an SPF 15 product applied to the skin of a person whose base tan has already made him/her two to four times more resilient to sunburn creates a “net SPF” of about 30-60.

  • 7-QQ: What about my medications and the reaction to UV light or Spray Tan?

  • 7-AA: Some medications can cause reactions with UV light or jeopardize the outcome of your spray tan color. We have a list of photosynthesizing medications displayed for you to look at. If you are currently taking medication please advise your doctor your are tanning or spray tanning.